How to patch the Magento in two steps

Example on version

Be careful

Before patching you need create a database dump and site files dump.

  1. Go to Magento commerce site in downloads, select Release Archive and find Magento Community Edition Patches - 1.x section where find needed patch in my case is the SUPEE-8788 and chose your version like SUPEE-8788 for CE (0.72 MB) then click to Download log in if not and you get file that is all step one ended.

  2. Copy retrieved files to site root folder like ../public_html/ set privilegues to file chmod +x <patch-file-name>.sh or chmod 776 <patch-file-name>.sh the run this file ./<patch-file-name>.sh if all right you will see the message in console Patch was applied/reverted successfully.. If you need revert the patch run ./<patch-file-name>.sh -R\


If you have an errors check permissions on site folders must be 755 and for files into 644 for you customer and group.

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